What is VU+ DOU 2?

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Vu+ Duo2 is different to the Solo2 when we look at the tuner specs. The VU+ Duo2 is equipped with 2 tuner slots. So you have the choice of which tuners you want to install in these. These are the current possible tuner config options

DVB-S2 Dual + DVB-C/T
DVB-S2 Dual + DVB-S2 Dual

So you can have a maximum of 4 DVB-S2 tuners by using 2 DVB-S2 dual tuner modules.

But of course, external USB tuners are an option on the VU+ Duo2 too. USB is currently also the only way to have DVB-T2 tuners as there is no DVB-T2 tuner module available from VU+ yet. A bit disappointing but supposedly it is in the works


Install IPTV via autoscript bouquet list on Enigma2
Setup IPTV using XtreamTV plugin in Enigma 2
1080p FULL HD, Make your TV screen more realistic than ever before with DUO2. The strong performance is ideal for 1080p Full High Definition decode and display. You will enjoy every second of watching TV due to the sharp and vivid images on your TV screen.

Double & Double Tuner
Experience up to 4 tuners with only twin plug-able tuners. Double & Double tuner in Duo2 indicates twin plug-able tuner system with the availability of using dual tuner. You can experience to have up to 4 tuners with only 2 tuners inserted in DUO2. Moreover, as its tuner system is for DVB-S2 or DVB-T/C, your choice of watching TV will be even more fulfilling.

Built-in Wi-FI
Easy and Simple Internet Connection with Built-in Wi-Fi. Duo 2 features built-in Wi-Fi that connects to the Internet without any additional devices or wires. With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can fully enjoy high-definition streaming or web browsing. Built-in Wi-Fi allows enhanced multimedia applications with easy access to the Internet.

Key Features on the Vu+ Duo2:
1300 MHz CPU BCM7424 dual-threaded
1GB Flash / 2GB DDR3 DRAM
Option to fit Internal SATA HDD 2.5 or 3″
Dual Card readers
2 x Front display (VFD and LCD)
GigaBit Ethernet
HDMI 1.4
Dolby Digital Plus & DTS 2.0 supported
Dual MPEG2/H.264 Hardware Decoding (HD PiP possible)
On-the-fly hardware transcoding of content into a variety of formats (support transcoding bit/frame rate change)

Processor 1300 MHz CPU BCM7424 dual-threaded
Perfomance 2048
Flash Memory 2 GB
Interfaces Dual Card readers 2 x Front display (VFD and LCD) GigaBit Ethernet HDMI 1.4 2 x Tuner slots Composite video and analogue audio out Component video out 1x scart HDMI GigaBit Ethernet port 2 x USB 1 x e-Sata Serial RS-232 port Optical digital audio out Power connector and switch
What’s included in the box
Remote with batteries included 1 x HDMI cable Setup guide in English/German Cables, screws, fittings for internal PVR Loop Through cable

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