Smart IPTV App , Common Install, & Setup Problems

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As with most things in life, sometimes downloading, installing, or updating won’t go as planned. Some users may encounter various issues. Here are the most common challenges along with my quick-fix suggestions and solutions.

“Smart IPTV isn’t in the App Store”

The first thing to check is if your device is compatible with the service. There are a couple of workarounds if you find it to be compatible but still find it missing from the app store.

Note that some app stores have removed this video software from their offerings and a few countries have even banned it. This is likely due to the ease of access it provides for watching streams of live sports broadcasts, films, and TV series that have been pirated.

For example, The Samsung shop in Italy doesn’t provide this any longer. There’s a quick workaround solution to this censorship issue. Sign up in another country’s online TV Services store using a VPN. Then, you can freely grab it from their app store as if you were in a different country.

The Amazon App Store has also removed this app. You can still get Smart IPTV on any FireOS device by downloading its APK with the help of Downloader app. Then, Downloader app will offer to put the IPTV app on Firestick, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube by sideloading your downloaded APK file.

“The Smart IPTV Mac Address Changed”

No worries, there are usually multiple MAC addresses between each TV install and the network. These are your WiFi and Ethernet addresses. When you switch connections, the update and activation of the second MAC address will follow automatically. To continue using the app, all you need to do is restart the application. It should then detect the currently used one.

“My Playlist Gets Error Messages”

The problem may be with your playlist. If it works on other devices but not on your TV, try this simple test.

First, be sure that all links in the list are working channel streams. Next, check if your TV supports the codecs being used by the M3U8 streams. Check with the internet TV or streaming device manufacturer for more information about which stream file formats your model supports.

“Using SIPTV Gives Errors”

You may encounter a message saying “no playlist uploaded” or “check playlist URL” or a similar update. Try using the example test channel list provided by the IPTV service site again when this happens. Check your playlist for a bad field or address if the provided sample M3U8 liste works.

The URL you provide should be a direct link. You could also try downloading your playlist then uploading it as a static playlist.

If you’re receiving the “check playlist URL” message, try rebooting. Turn off your television, wait at least 1 minute, then turn it back on.

Another update that may help fix the issue is reducing the size of your IPTV subscription channels list. Some of the free IPTV playlists found online contain thousands of streaming IPTV channels, which take a lot of processing and memory to detect all at once.

This can also make a search of the EPG quite difficult.

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