Install NZBGet Windows

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NZBGet 14 is a lightweight usenet downloader. Installing it on Windows is straightforward now that there is an installer. It also takes a extra few steps to make NZBGet autostart when Windows boots. This guide walks you through the entire process from start to finish and will work on Windows, 7, 8 and 10.

Grab the latest NZBGet installer from the official website

Follow the NZBGet installer, by default it installs to  C:\Program Files (x86)\

Browse to your NZBGet installation folder and locate nzbget-command-shell.bat . Right click on it and choose Run as Administrator

nzbget step 3 run as admin

You will get a prompt if you are sure you want to run the program, click Run

nzbget step 4 run anyway

At the command prompt. Type this command to install the NZBGet service

nzbget -install
nzbget step 5 nzbget -install

Now start the NZBGet service

net start NZBGet
nzbget step 7 service started

Note: If you get a 1067 error when trying to start NZBGet, this is how to solve it

Inside the command prompt running as Administrator, browse to the nzbget install folder

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\NZBGet

Run the NZBGet shell manually using the command below and afterwards you can start the service successfully.


Click your Start menu, find Computer (Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 8 and 10).

Right click on This PC or My Computer and click Manage.

nzbget step 8 right click computer

On the left hand side click Services and Applications. Click Services.

Scroll down and find NZBGet in the right pane. Right click and select Properties.

nzbget step 9 services

NZBGet currently starts manually, we want it to autostart.

Choose Automatic from the Startup type dropdown. Click Apply and then OK.

nzbget step 12 automatic

Try accessing the NZBGet WebUI at http://ip.address:6789 default username is nzbget with password tegzbn6789.

You will have to add an entry in your Windows firewall to allow remote access of NZBGet.

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