What are the advantages of using STB?

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In the following, some of the most important advantages of STBs are explained. A set top box or recognized as STB is a device including a tuner in it which captures an external source of the signal and delivers to the television set for a high-quality picture. The set-top box is required to maintain receiving the signals in the digital format. What is STB?

STB stands for Set-up Box is a device that turns the input signals to the one that can be displayed on a TV screen or other devices. STB also called Set-up Unit (STU) are common tools to watch IPTV, cable TV, and satellite TV.

STB cons and pros

Features of setup boxes

Interactive program guides: This feature provides the updated scheduling information of current and upcoming programs. Some guides also provide the backward scrolling to promote their catch-up content.

Channel Bookmark: Similar to the bookmark feature on the web-browser, users can highlight their favorite channel list which facilitates their access to the channels.

Timer: By this feature, users can easily switch a channel at a predefined time, thus they can record contents of more than one channel even when they are not at home.

Parental lock: By this feature, it will be possible to restrict the access to specific channels or even block all the channels.

Recording: If users tend to record a specific program at a particular time, they can select their favorite program on the interactive program guide at a specific time. Through the Scart link, a signal will send to a compatible DVR or VCR to start recording.

Firmware update features: Almost all modern STBs gain from automatic firmware update processes. The feature is typically supplied by the service provider.

Before purchasing a setup box, let’s ask a few questions and examine a few aspects of a setup box in order to make the best choice.

  1. Is the manufacturer providing only one option or the variety of options?
  2. For High Definition content, do they manufacturer support HD quality with this device?
  3. Check the warranty, does the manufacturer supply any warranty on the set-top box?
  4. Customer service, do the manufacturer provide decent customer satisfaction?
  5. Selection of the channel, does the IPTV service provider provide channels of your favorite?
  6. Selection of packages and exclusive privileges granted or not?
  7. Worth for money, are you paying for the device which you want?
  8. Payment service, call, and online payment?
  9. Added TV channels, interactive games, and channels for all family members?
  10. Video on demand service is given or not which gives you access to extensive libraries, live concerts, and TV shows. What is Video On Demand (VOD)?

Now we will see the advantages and disadvantages of the set-top box.


Below is a short demonstration of the advantages that setup boxes offer.

  • The quantity of channels extends to a great amount.
  • A large enhancement in picture quality when utilizing the set-top box.
  • All kinds of troubles in watching channels will be reduced.
  • IPTV providers will be able to offer HD quality which is one of the most important uses of the set-top box.
  • The big switch on the small screen with the use of a set top box. It will bring on the digital revolution.


  • Free to air channels will also not be available without the set-top box.

  • It will be mandatory to have the set top box and this will add an extra expense. 

Android setup boxes

By using an Android box such as Amazon FireTV, you can connect to Google Play Store and download thousands of Android games and play those games on your TV. The best setup box for having both IPTV channels and playing Android games is Nvidia Shield which also comes with a Gamepad or a controller which makes it easier to play android games. What is an Android box?

Amazon firetv

There are lots of applications available on Android and many of them work great, however, we suggest Perfect Player and we believe this is the most complete and reliable way for watching IPTV channels on your setup box. How to setup IPTV on Perfect player Android?

iOS setup boxes

Very similar to Android setup boxes, these devices are also compatible with watching IPTV channels and also downloading iOS based video games from the Apple store. Apple TV is one the best places for watching IPTV channels on your TV. Apple TV is a powerful media device that is used for streaming media contents including the live stream.

What is apple TV?

There are found generation of Apple TV and the latest one, 4th generation, is most favored one. This device is also compatible with KODI media player and you can install IPTV channels on Kodi while using your Apple TV.

MAG setup boxes

MAG is by far the best device for streaming IPTV channels. Infomir produces Set-Top Boxes following the brand name MAG. These Set-Top Boxes are multi-functional devices that allow you to quickly organize your media contents and use IPTV services.

What is MAG?

These MAG Set-Top Boxes are implemented with super-powerful hardware that guarantees fabulous performance while running applications and IPTV streams. How to setup IPTV on a MAG device?

Enigma2 setup boxes

Enigma2 software was originally developed by Dream Multimedia. Enigma2 is a successful open source based firmware platform for set-top boxes and it is utilized by a number of different set-top box manufacturers, including the most generally known Dreambox.

enigma2 setupbox

Although installing IPTV channels on an Enigma2 based device is a little more complex compared to the other mentioned setup boxes in this article, you can use a known plugin called XtreamTV Plugin which makes installing IPTV channels on your setup box way more simpler. Setup IPTV using XtreamTV plugin in Enigma 2.

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