Is Kodi Legal?

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Kodi is one of the most compelling parts of entertainment Apps you can acquire and allows you to stream a variety of content from the internet or local storages. 

Is Kodi legal?

The easy answer is yes. In its intact state, Kodi is a software designed to stream media content on a variety of devices, and that indicates it’s absolutely legal. Nevertheless, just like a browser, it’s possible to utilize Kodi for other purposes.

Kodi as an open-source application, allows you to download a variety of add-ons – and some of the most popular extensions such as PVR simple client.

What is Kodi’s stance?

Kodi’s developers are trying to not get involved with the world of add-ons and maintain that in its original form, the software is as legal as a web browser. A post made in April 2014 by Kodi’s developers reads: 

In conclusion, Kodi in its unchanged structure is absolutely legal, but some add-ons might cause misleading takes. If you’re already satisfied with viewing streams on websites such as Putlocker, then working Kodi with special add-ons is no different.

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