New news channel launches in UK and wants to shake things up

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LONDON (AP) — A new news channel launched on British television on Sunday evening with the aim of shaking up a media landscape that it claims has become an echo chamber for metropolitan elites.

GB News, which is positioning itself as a rival to the BBC and Sky News, denies it will be the British equivalent of Fox News.

However, the channel, which has been backed by New York-based Discovery and British investor Paul Marshall, among others, clearly wants to do things differently, offering viewers a more opinionated service than they are used to.

“We are proud to be British,” veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil said during the launch. “The clue is in the name.”

Neil, the new channel’s chairman who has previously edited the Sunday Times newspaper and was a long-standing political interviewer for the BBC, told viewers that GB News will “expose the growing promotion of cancel culture” and will give a voice “to those who feel sidelined or silenced.”

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